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How to integrate mobile devices into your business

Perhaps you have already read all about mobility, and am convinced that its pervasiveness is going to change the face of enterprise IT. This means that you are not just interested in how to manage BYOD devices like smartphones and tablets, but am also looking to actively tap into them to empower your organization to attain its business objectives.

Three steps to managing mobile devices in your business

The sheer uptake of mobile devices in recent years has culminated in mobile devices achieving a state of ubiquity, be it in the form of smartphones or mobile-capable tablets. Even Wi-Fi only devices can get Internet access fairly easily, especially with the up-and-coming Hotspot 2.0 that lets Wi-Fi devices “roam” between disparate public access points without the need to re-authenticate.

Three reasons for monitoring your business network

Computer networks today are cheaper and easier to manage than before, driven by the sheer affordability of Gigabit Ethernet on the wired front, and the ubiquity of gadgets and laptops enabled with Wi-Fi wireless networking. Moreover, backward compatibility means that upgrading is often a matter of swapping in the newer hardware, followed by a bare minimum of tests in most organizations.