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Lytro goes 2.0 with upcoming $1599 Illum light-field camera

The concept of shooting first and focusing later may seem bizarre to laymen but is nothing new to photo enthusiasts. Nokia had already demonstrated the concept called “Refocus” back in Oct 2013 and its “Refocus” feature can be found on the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 928, Lumia 1020, and Lumia 1520. On this front, the latest kid of the block that has set tongues wagging is none other than the light-field cameras from Lytro.

Easily share your favourite Android apps with List My Apps

We all love sharing about the latest apps that we use. However, it can be tedious to trawl though your smartphone or tablet to list down all the Android apps that you would recommend to new adopters of the platform. Enter List My Apps, a simple but innovative Android app that generates a list of the currently installed apps for you complete with the direct links to download them by.