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Pavel Ershov

The chink in the Docker armour

Just two years ago, a start-up known as dotCloud was barely keeping afloat in the highly competitive and dynamic enterprise space. Today, dotCloud, now known as Docker, is making waves in the virtualization space with high profile partnerships including Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware.

Expect online video to continue evolving in 2014

Singer Pharrell Williams ended 2013 with a 24-hour dance party. He released the video to his song “Happy”, which was the longest music video ever, having streamed for 24 hours. Viewers also had the option of either watching the video in real-time or a selecting a specific moment within the 24-hour period in the video. It is rather surreal to experience such ground-breaking technology if you recall that it was only nine years ago when the first video clip was broadcasted on YouTube.

Six critical factors to evaluate before migrating to the cloud

These days, “Cloud Computing” or “The Cloud” is a core focus for many companies, but especially for small and medium organizations. The cloud model works well for organizations with low investment budgets by cutting down capital investments on infrastructure and data storage. Putting infrastructure and data storage in the cloud, gives organizations the flexibility to scale-up or downsize as required.