Work Desk 2017

My name is Paul Mah and I’m a tech blogger who lives in Singapore. I like technology and enjoy tinkering with computers.

Obviously, it didn’t start that way. I still remember my first Intel 486 PC which chastised me with “Bad command or filename” regardless of what I typed. Thankfully, I figured it out eventually. I was also forced to figure out the ins and outs of networking so that I could network two PCs to play multiplayer Atomic Bomberman, and taught myself C programming so that I could go to school. Rather, so that I could write a program to help me play my MUD game during school hours.

I worked for a number of years as an IT professional, because what else can you do with a Bachelor in Information Technology, right?

Until I figured out I could write instead. And yes, I quit my job. That was a decade ago. These days, I contribute to a number of publications, including Computerworld US, South China Morning Post, and CMO Innovation, to name a few.

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I hope you enjoy your stay here.