How Cloudbric brings enterprise-level to your website

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This post is supported by Penta Security.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Niyikiza Aimable, a technical consultant from Penta Security who was in town for the Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW). Penta Security participated in the GovWare cybersecurity conference, and he was at the company’s booth at Suntec.

Naturally, the meeting represented a great opportunity to quiz Aimable about his expertise on cybersecurity in general, and for behind-the-scenes information about what makes the company’s Cloudbric web security service tick.

The Cloudbric advantage

For the initiated, Cloudbric is a cloud-hosted solution designed to protect websites from a variety of malicious attacks, and is built on the company’s intelligent WAF appliances and security technology. What makes Cloudbric stand out from similar offerings?

“We don’t rely on signatures but adopts a signature-less approach. The service uses a logic based engine which can detect any new attacks or modified attacks,” explained Aimable. The greatest appeal would have to do with the cloud-based nature of the service though, which makes security accessible even for smaller organizations in terms of deployment and maintenance cost.

“Smaller companies or organizations running a small website may not be able to afford an in-house engineer to take care of a WAF appliance. [With Cloudbric] I get security out of the box by signing up for the service without having to invest on hardware upfront,” he said. “Even a small company can have enterprise-level security without an enterprise price tag in terms of both maintenance and total cost of ownership.”

Aimable also dismissed security-centric concerns that a cloud-based service will have weaker security over an appliance-based approach: “That’s a myth because Cloudbric is powered by our unique logic-based detection engine, our customers can be secure and sure that they are protected by cutting edge technology.”

A new value proposition

The cost of using Cloudbric is determined based on the volume of traffic a website anticipates, with published service tiers ranging from 4GB to 100GB. The lowest tier is free, while the 10GB, 40GB and 100GB options will cost you US$29, $69 and $149 per month respectively. Higher traffic volumes available upon request.

“We give you all the features you want, and you pay based on the level of your usage. If you have a high traffic website, then you pay more. Even for smaller businesses, you pay the same amount for the same level of security,” said Aimable.

This means that the smallest customer on the 10GB per month plan will gain the ability to use the WAF engine built into Cloudbric to protect their websites, as well as benefit from and other capabilities of the service such as free SSL support and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) at no additional cost.

“Our customers get anti-DDoS protection. We have a point of presence in many data centers, and [customers] can get performance improvement depending on the locations of their customers,” he said, pointing to how the United States customers of a Singapore-based business will benefit from Penta’s CDN there. “We keep partnering with other service providers to enhance our capabilities.”

Growing customer base

As a South Korea firm, it should be no surprise that the bulk of the company’s customer base comes from the Asia Pacific region. Increasingly, small and mid-sized businesses from all over the world have become aware of the value that Penta Security offers through its Cloudbric service.

“Our winning of the Best SME Security Solution in Europe (SC Magazine Awards UK) was very significant to us. We offer solutions catered to both smaller business and enterprise. And increasingly, even the smallest companies are waking up to the reality that they need security as well,” he noted.

Could Aimable share more about Penta Security’s presence around the world? “We have points of presence (POP) in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Australia in the region, seven sites in the US, four sites in Europe, and others elsewhere for a total of 25 service regions serving over 6,000 customers worldwide We are also in the process of setting up other regions.”

“We work with the local companies so they can host Cloudbric locally for better performance, regulation, or localization of the service,” he said.

If you are interested, you can read about my experiences rolling out Cloudbric earlier this year here.