Singapore firm unveils film for iPhone, iPad to see 3D content without glasses

Singapore-based Nanoveu says it has patent-pending, precision technology called EyeFly3D that allows 3D content to be viewed without glasses. And unlike current 3D viewing technology for mobile devices, which tends to make the screens appear dark and the images distorted, EyeFly3D offers clear, bright and sharp images for videos and photos, the company said.

An EyeFly3D film, and its Nanoglass screens are simple to use, and once affixed directly to the smartphone or tablet, make 3D available whenever needed in both landscape and portrait modes.

The EyeFly3D ultra-thin plastic screen for mobile phone platforms is made from scratch-resistant PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containing a layer of thousands of microscopic, precision engineered lenses about the thickness of a human hair strand. The version for the iPad Air has nearly a million micro lenses.  The Nanoglass version for both sizes is made of the toughest 9H hardness tempered scratch-resistant glass.

The hardware works in conjunction with two free apps in the iTunes App Store,EyeFly3D Vid for videos and EyeFly3D Pix for pictures to allow stereoscopic content to be viewed on iPhones and iPads in 3D. Users can stream 3D videos in real-time from the EyeFly3D Vid app. Users can also create their own 3D content with the EyeFly3D apps, and share them with other users of EyeFly3D screens.

“The EyeFly3D technology renders 3D glasses obsolete with a more comfortable and natural way to view 3D graphics and videos on hand-held devices in real time,” says Alfred Chong, CEO and Founder, Nanoveu.

“What sets EyeFly3D apart from its competitors is that the technology uses lenticular lenses to produce high-quality 3D that feels natural to the human eye. Our screens are more transparent, affordable, simple to use, and feature intuitive apps that allow the user to create, share and experience glasses-free 3D, without distorted, darkened images that are uncomfortable to view.”

The EyeFly3D film is currently available for the iPhone 4 at US$14.95; and the iPhone 5 models at US$19.95; and the iPad film retails for US$59.95.  The EyeFly3D Nanoglass screen for the iPhone has a suggested retail price (SRP) of US$29.95 and the iPad version has a SRP of US$84.95.