MediaTek introduces super-slow motion tech at 480fps for smartphones

MediaTek on July 15 unveiled new technology on its MT6595 and MT6795 chips to enhance the mobile experience, including what it says is a world first.

The company has enabled 120Hz displays on mobile devices by combining Japan Display’s panel technology with its System on Chip’s (SoC) processing capabilities, breaking the barriers of the 60Hz refresh rate limit.

A display refresh rate of 120Hz promises smoother scrolling and clearer views compared to a 60Hz display. Capable of rendering content at 120 frames per second (fps), the MT6595 and MT6795 chips can improve mobile experiences like camera recording, video playback, and gaming.

According to MediaTek, its Response Time Enhancement Technology significantly decreases the display’s response time and reduces motion blur experienced on 60Hz display by up to 50%. The MediaTek ClearMotion feature ensures full utilisation of the 120Hz display with automatic frame rate conversion for content that is 24fps and 30fps.

MediaTek also announced Super-Slow Motion Technology, which it says is a world-first for smartphone cameras. Smartphones which support this feature can create videos at 480 frames per second (fps) on 1080p Full HD, with playback at 1/16 speed.

Super-Slow Motion Technology controls several subsystems that work in concert, beginning with the Sony IMX220, 20.7MP sensor, which is used to capture the videos. The captured high fps videos are then passed through MediaTek’s advanced image processing pipeline, ensuring that each processed frame is of premium quality while displaying the image in excellent clarity and detail.

Additionally, users may edit their videos as much as they like while retaining total control over the duration and location of the Super-Slow Motion segment on the video timeline.