50,000 MiPad tablets sold out in less than four minutes

Xiaomi last week released the Xiaomi MiPad tablet for sale in China, its first tablet device with a Retina-quality display. As with other products from the company, the MiPad was sold exclusively via an online flash sale that saw 50,000 devices snapped up in just four minutes.

The 7.9-inch MiPad tablet has a screen resolution of 2048×1536 that places it in direct competition with Apple’s iPad Mini. Under the hood, it incorporates a cutting-edge Tegra K1 quad-core 2.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. The device is available in storage capacities of either 16GB or 64GB, which can be further expandable with a micro SD card–something not possible with an iPad.

With expansion moves in the pipeline, international sales forecast could eventually bring Xiaomi to a whole new level in the competitive market. Indeed, the MiPad could see even better sales forecast as the first 50,000 sets are only the initial shipment and sold only in China.

Specifications aisde, the other leading factor that the MiPad stands out from the crowd is pricing factor. On that front, it is slightly cheaper than its nearest competitors, with the 16GB version retailing for 1,499 yuan (SG$313) and the 64GB version going for 1,699 yuan (SG$353).

If you are looking to get an MiPad for yourself, there’s unfortunately no news about whether the MiPad will be sold outside of China yet.