Block Facebook tracking with free tools from DoNotTrackMe

Facebook users who do not want Facebook making use of their browsing data can make use of Abine‘s free DoNotTrackMe privacy solution.

“Until now, Facebook’s advertising system relied on an internal profile of its members. But soon, your profile will also take into account the external websites and mobile apps that each Facebook member uses. Facebook is about to know a lot about who you are and what you’re interested in,” said Olivia Campbell, Operations & Marketing Specialist, Abine, in a blog post on June 13.

Abine notes that Facebook tracks users’ browsing across the Web by placing Like buttons and allowing other websites to login via Facebook.  Its software is designed to keep users’ social profiles separate from their browsing histories. Used by more than 11 million users globally, it has blocked more than 10 billion Facebook button tracking attempts.

According to Abine, DoNotTrackMe blocks all major data collection companies, including Google and Twitter, from tracking users’ behaviour while surfing the Web. The privacy solution also tells users which companies are tracking them, and how many trackers are being blocked.

DoNotTrackMe also provides privacy for emails and protects more than 6 million emails every day using its Masked Email technology, which provides a fast and easy way to log in without being tracked. Users simply click one button on any website to create a new disposable Masked Email to protect their email.

DoNotTrackMe is available as a browser extension and web application across all five major browsers, and as a mobile app available for iPhone and Android devices.