The new Surface Pro 3 is the slimmest tablet yet from Microsoft

Microsoft earlier this week unveiled the company’s third generation Surface tablet: The Surface Pro 3. The device weights 800 grams, has a larger surface area than its predecessor, and comes with an improved multi-position kickstand.

Panos Panay, corporate VP of Microsoft said: “This is the tablet that can replace your laptop. We designed it in thinness around every corner. This is faster than the Surface Pro 2 you’ve loved to date and is much thinner.”

Indeed, the Surface Pro 3 measures just 9.1mm, and is the “thinnest Intel Core product ever made,” says the company. The slim form factor does not mean that the tablet is fragile however. To prove the point, a Surface Pro 3 was dropped from shoulder height to the carpeted stage floor during the demo without being the worst for wear.

The 12-inch display has at a resolution of 2140×1440 and supports both touch and a digitizer pen (included). Other specifications include a microSD card reader and has one USB 3.0 port.  The trackpad has also been updated and is now more responsive than the one found on the Surface Pro 2. The new kickstand means that screen can be tilted to a maximum of 150 degrees, offering improved ergonomics.

Of notable mention is the improved keyboard which attaches more securely than the previous generation, and is also designed to sit better on users’ lap thanks to an additional flap to cut down on shaking that occurs during typing.

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