Leaked images of HTC One Mini 2 surface

With the trend of HTC releasing mini variants of higher-end flagship smartphones devices such as the HTC One Mini, it probably should not come as a surprise that the company would eventually release a HTC One Mini 2. This rumoured product is reportedly an improved version of the One M8.

A reputed tipster going by the handle of @evleaks on Twitter have posted a screenshot of the One Mini 2, which shows the purported One Mini with its sensors and power button repositioned. It will be available in three colour variants, just like the One M8.

Due to its more compact form factor however, the One Mini 2 is expected to lack the dual sensor Duo Camera and the dual LED flash functionality, though it will maintain the premium metallic body of its predecessor.

Consumers who love metal phones will be thrilled that the One Mini 2 will have a more metallic build than the original Mini. As the phone targets the budget sector, it is simply a downscaled version of the One M8. For now, other information such as price point, official release date and specifications remain unknown.