Two mobile apps designed to help deaf community unveiled

Grey Group Singapore and the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) have announced two local apps designed to benefit the deaf community. The apps work by allowing users to make phone calls, as well as by notifying deaf users of critical warning sounds with the use of on-screen notifications.

The first mobile app named Say It With Signs, will allow any user to make phone calls to a deaf recipient. The caller will speak and the app will intelligently process the audio messages and translate them into digital hand signs. The receiver’s mobile phone will then be able to view the sign language and easily reply the caller via text message. Such an innovation will be useful when users need to urgently send a message across but is not able to send out a text message in situations such as when driving.

The second app, Hearing Aide, will inform users about warning-related sounds such as fire alarms. The app will attempt to detect such warning signs before notifying users with a vibration lasting 20 seconds and a visual warning message display on-screen. By default, the app comes with five alarms but users can customize it with 10 additional alarms.

At the launch event held earlierthis week, James Ong Kay Chin, CEO of SADeaf shared about how he was almost knocked over by a fire engine due to his inability to hear the sirens of the approaching vehicle. “Just like how I almost got into an accident, I believe that the rest of the (deaf) community also face similar problems,” he says. “With this app, it can really save their lives.”

“Grey has always been an advocate of harnessing digital innovations to help brands reach out to consumers more effectively,” says Ali Shabaz, Chief Creative Officer of Grey Group Singapore  in a statement to us. “With these pro bono projects, we want to challenge our teams to think about the needs of the communities and explore how we can channel our expertise and knowledge to bring betterment to these communities.”

Both applications will be available on the Google Play Store from April 25 onwards. Only Android is supported at the moment.