Easily share your favourite Android apps with List My Apps

We all love sharing about the latest apps that we use. However, it can be tedious to trawl though your smartphone or tablet to list down all the Android apps that you would recommend to new adopters of the platform. Enter List My Apps, a simple but innovative Android app that generates a list of the currently installed apps for you complete with the direct links to download them by.

ListMyAppsUpon firing up the app, List My Apps will populate a list of all your applications. Next, you  use the drop down menu to pick the kind of list that you want it to generate. A variety of options are presented: plain text, BBC code (for forums), HTML or Markdown. Better still, you simply define your own by deploying the template editor if you’d prefer to use something else. End users can even share recommendations on social media if that’s up your alley.

Another notable feature is the ability to trade your recommendations for other people’s recommendations. This helps to engage end-users in the Android community and could possibly be a means for certain apps to gain popularity. Best of all, the app allows one to try out new stuff and that’s a great avenue to explore the expansive repertoire of the Google Play Store.

One setback at the moment is the inability to save a list to a file, which has become the main quibble among many Android fans of this app. Basically when you create a list, you’ll want to share it somewhere and this can be addressed by utilising a cloud-based service like Google Drive and creating a shareable document there. However, you cannot create a list and then it to your device.

The app is simple to use and while it may not be a must-have Android app to use, it definitely comes in handy when people ask you what apps you use. Currently List My Apps is used widely on Google+ and Reddit and it works flawlessly. If anything, this easy-to-use app is a good conversation effort to get friends off of the Apple iPhone and iPad!