Nvidia launches GeForce GTX 800M mobile GPUs with Battery Boast feature

Nvidia has just announced their latest offering for laptops in the form of the GeForce GTX 800M GPU family, which promises to be faster and more efficient than its predecessors. The new king of the hill would be the GTX 880M GPU, probably the most powerful mobile GPU in the world with its 28nm Kepler microarchitecture. Kepler also forms the basis of Nvidia’s most powerful desktop GPUs.

The latest Nvidia technologies such as GameStream and ShadowPlay will be supported. GameStream will allow gamers to stream games from a host PC to a GameStream-compatible device such as the Nvidia Shield, which is a handheld game console. ShadowPlay, on the other hand, is a video-capture technology that allows gamers to record their gaming sessions in real time at up to Full HD 1080p resolutions!

That’s not all that the GTX 800M series has to offer. The best thing here is the inclusion of a new technology called Battery Boost. The new Battery Boost feature is essentially a driver-level governor that will be activated whenever it detects the AC power is unplugged. Components such as GPU, CPU, RAM, screen brightness, frame rates per second, and even display resolution will be automatically adjusted to save more battery in the long run. Nvidia claims gaming time can be greatly extended up to 100 percent; the feature can be disabled if desired.

Razer is one of the partners to release a new laptop powered by the new GPUs, and is understood to have incorporated the GeForce GTX 870M into one of its new Razer Blade laptop.