Kickstarter hits $1 billion milestone

Kickstarter was founded back in April 2009 and launched to the world to be a platform for fundraising. Anyone with a good project idea can simply register and call for backers to donate or pre-order the product to support the project creators.

The concept has been well-received one that received 40 pledges worth $1,084 for seven projects on the official launch day. Five years later, Kickstarter had just announced via a post that they have finally hit the $1 Billion mark in pledges.

Up to 5.7 million people have shown their support over the years; out of the $1 billion, half of it was just pledged in within last 12 months. To be specific, 5,708,578 users from over 224 countries have been active on the site. Kickstarter has also released a chart showing figures of Top 10 Countries and Territories. Guess what – Singapore is on the 10th position, pledging a total of $6,710,981.

There are lots of interesting information worth some read posted on the Kickstarter page such as the part where it was revealed that 13 backers are named ‘Dad’, 5 of them called ‘Grandpa’, followed by 17 ‘Grandma’ and 18 ‘Mom’. Do take some time to take a look at some of the other fun facts on this milestone by Kickstarter.