Evernote redesigns Skitch for Android for easier annotation

The latest update to Evernote’s Skitch for Android, an app for visual annotations that has seen more than 57,500 downloads and a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 at the Play Store, features a redesign of the core annotation tools among other significant improvements.

In a blog post on March 24, Evernote’s Stefanie Fazzio shared that version 2.7 of Skitch for Android has moved the toolbars to a more convenient place on the home screen so that the user can draw attention to significant parts of the image much more quickly.

“You can select the options with one hand — just tap and drag your finger along the colours or tools and release on the option you want. Once you make your selection, the bars collapse to let  you annotate your content in full-screen,” Fazzio wrote in the post.

Performance improvements and bug fixes round out the update.

Skitch allows the electronic equivalent of marking a document to draw attention to various parts that need attention or editing, but adds the ability to take a picture. Evernote positions it as a tool to draw attention, ‘say it with fewer words’, and to move projects forward across different devices, and suggests using Skitch to annotate photos, screenshots or a PDF and then sharing the resulting image.

Skitch is also available for Mac, Windows including a touch version for Windows 8, and on mobile on the iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) platform. Skitch for Mac 2.7 was launched in October 2013; the last major update to Skitch for Android that made it to a blog post was in December 2012.