Valentine’s Day with the help of Windows apps

With our love affair with mobile apps, what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than together – with the help of your phone? Microsoft Singapore has compiled a whole selection of Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps with which you can plan an epic time together with your significant other.

If you are planning a romantic time at home, Microsoft suggests browsing the recipes in Epicurious and (both available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone). Accompanying music can be found on Internet radio, at 8tracks Radio (Windows 8) or at Nokia MixRadio , (Windows 8).

If it is a restaurant meal that you are after, Foursquare (for Windows 8 and Windows Phone) has got your back with recommendations for newest romantic restaurants, bars and sights on the block, with directions and photos to help you along.

For a spontaneous weekend away, good recommendations can be had through TripAdvisor (for Windows 8 and Windows Phone), and food reviews with Yelp (Windows Phone).

Those in a long-distance relationship are also covered with suggestions to take your pick of Skype, Viber, Line and WeChat to ease the loneliness. All apps are available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone except for WeChat, which is a Windows Phone app.

And of course, there should be photos. Memories can be created with Photo Booth Pro  (Windows 8), the ever-popular Instagram which caused a stir when it finally got onto Windows Phone last year, and Vine, among many other video and photo apps.

And if you don’t have a Windows phone or Windows 8? Check the websites to see if the same app is available on other platforms. Valentine’s Day is all about compatibility. You’re likely to find something to suit you both.