MyRepublic unveils 1Gbps fibre Internet service at $49.99

Internet Service Provider (ISP) MyRepublic today announced that it will begin to offer 1Gbps fibre broadband services to residential subscribers starting from an incredible low price of just S$49.99 per month. The offer is valid for the first 10,000 sign-ups from today, and existing MyRepublic subscribers will also be given an option to upgrade to 1Gbps. In addition, a slightly more expensive S$59.99 “Gamer” edition will incorporate additional features such as low latency with the use of custom routing, and certain gaming privileges.

A quick browse through its pricing information shows a number of aggressive schemes to sign on new customers. For one, the company offers a credit of up to $200 when terminating an old Internet contract in order to sign up for either the 1Gbps Ultra Buy Back plan or GAMER Ultra Buy Back plan. In addition, folks who have missed out on the initial OpenNet Termination Point (TP) installation can also enjoy a refund of the $235.40 at the end of 18 months.

Here are a couple of excerpts of the official press release from MyRepublic:

“MyRepublic has always been about bringing great Internet service to everybody,” says MyRepublic CEO Malcolm Rodrigues, “This means not just speed but accessibility as well. Ultra-fast fibre broadband should be accessible to everyone and we are excited to be the first ones to make the first push in this area.”

“When we talk about wanting to transform Singapore into a global leader in Internet connectivity, the tech-savvy always referred us to consumers in South Korea and Japan. These countries are well-known for having the best, most affordable Internet on the planet,” says MyRepublic CEO, Malcolm Rodrigues. “As of today, we are pioneering Singapore’s entry into this top tier group of countries.”

MyRepublic also took the wraps off a MyGigNation initiative to enable application developers and industry players “to fundamentally transform society.” This will be kicked off by a contest with the winner receiving $25,000 in marketing support and co-marketing from MyRepublic. At the time of this writing however, the URL given by MyRepublic resolved to a GoDaddy placeholder page.

For now, MyRepublic is holding a party for all over at Orchard road on the 18th and 19th of January. All Singaporeans are invited to see what one can do with 1Gbps and to share the vision of a MyGigNation revolution. Additional information about that can be found here.