Logitech unveils full-size keyboard case for Galaxy Note Pro

Logitech this week took the wraps off the Logitech Pro, a slim protective case with a full-size built-in Bluetooth keyboard designed specifically to complement Samsung’s newly unveiled Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets.

The Logitech Pro promises an identical typing experience as the one found on laptops, and comes with a row of Android shortcut keys for access to the most frequently used programs. The slim design makes it even better suited for mobility, while the durable exterior is wipeable when dirty. Finally, a SecureLock system helps keep the tablet firmly in place, and also doubles as a view stand for flexible interactivity with the tablet.

Personally, I feel that the keyboard case makes the new tablets look really professional and offers ease of use that is well thought-out. The shortcut keys will be a great convenience to busy professionals looking for hassle-free navigation when working on their tablets. Often, I would need to quickly launch an app but going through the usual swiping and searching for the program only slows me down.

The dock isn’t helping much as it is limited and will end up cluttered when pinned with multiple programs. Of course, the ability to wipe the case down after, say, a coffee spill is an added bonus. With so many advantages of this very first protective keyboard case, this will be my priority option for protection if I’m ever getting those new Galaxy Tablets.

The Logitech Pro will sell for $130 when it ships to the US in February.