Two advanced Linksys Wireless Routers up for grabs

To promote our new Facebook page and to bring on the Christmas cheer, we will be giving away TWO different models of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers this week. The routers are worth more than S$200 each, and is possible thanks to the kind sponsorship of Linksys.

The two wireless routers up for grabs are:

You can click on the respective links for the details; in a nutshell though, both devices offer gigabit Wi-Fi capabilities (The EA6300 offers a theoretical 867Mbps), USB 3.0 port and 4x Gigabit Ethernet port. Simultaneous Dual-Band 2.4 + 5GHz operation with support for 802.11 a/b/g/n and draft ac.

In fact, even my current business-grade home network doesn’t deliver me 802.11ac gigabit wireless! (Ahem)

Joining the giveaway contest is simple:

Step 1. Share briefly about why you deserve the Linksys Wi-Fi router in the comments section below.

Step 2. “Like” our TheTechBlogger Facebook Page if you not already done so.

Step 3. Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall (Just copy and paste this URL into your Facebook status.)

The closing date for this giveaway is 22 December 2013

Note: This contest is only open to those currently residing in Singapore (Since I won’t be able to deliver the prize to you otherwise).

The obligatory fine print: Contest winners will be picked randomly based on entries that fulfil our contest requirements (Step 1 to 3 above). Winners will be contacted via Facebook within 3 days of the end of the contest. A new winner will be picked if the initial winner fails to respond with their contact details within 1 week. Prize will be handed over to winner at a central location in Singapore. Prize is forfeited if winner is unable to collect the prize in Singapore; a new winner will be picked. We offer no guarantee or accept no responsibility if the prize fails to function to your expectations, or is faulty, though we will bring it up to the sponsors for the latter.

21 thoughts on “Two advanced Linksys Wireless Routers up for grabs

  1. Because I’ve been using Linksys router for the past 6 years and I trust thetechblogger’s recommendation!

  2. our WiFi strength should be at its best along with faster device discovery on your network. Your QoS rules should help speed up your Internet connection all while getting more work done with access restriction rules. And with your new overclocked router, sending packets should be lightning fast

  3. I deserve the Linksys Wi-Fi router because I am currently using the free telco router, and will definitely appreciate the speed boost the Linksys router can give my family.

  4. I deserve it because current router is not able to support my usage, is eyeing for a new Linksys router which I believe to be one of the best in the market.

  5. I have really poor wifi connection in my home and I do not have the means to upgrade my networking at home as I’m still a student and I’m unable to put aside the cash to get a decent router. I’m a fan of Linksys products cause of their superb performance and build quality. I do hope I get this :D

  6. The current router that I have been using is causing trouble for my family because of its poor connection just across the room. I would like to try my luck here and most importantly, I am here to support Mr. Paul! :D

  7. I have been eyeing this product for some time, i need to enhance my home wireless broadband,hopefully I win the chance :)

  8. As an Educator , being able to stay connected to the web will allow me to work with greater efficiency at home … Thus, helping and benefiting those under my charge

  9. I deserved the router because ive just hooked up fibre in my house n i need that one-hell-of-a-gd-router that i cant afford for now due to my 2nd baby due to arrive soon and also bcos Paul aka The Father has been chiong-ing with me since donkey years and i help him with his LAW plenty a times.

  10. I deserve the new router because I’m still using the router given by the ISP. It’s real slow when doing high-intensity network transfers etc. Being an ex-Linksys router user, I love fine tuning every small configuration of it years ago. The ISP provided router’s capability of adjusting settings are so limited. What’s worse is it doesn’t support 5Ghz. It constantly interferes with my Bluetooth audio setup, that renders my music unplayable more than often. Very frustrating indeed! Ever since using the ISP router, I find myself struggling day to day with it. At the same time, it would be good to give 802.11ac a try too. My one and only Linksys router that I used before was on draft N.

  11. I personally do not own a router at home, having poor internet connection in my room due to signal degration, therefore I deserve the routers

  12. I have been using linksys product all this while. The linksys product performance have been superior compared to other brands. It will be awesome to own the router to level up the wifi n networking performance to carry out my work efficiently.

  13. I need linksys router to connect to Internet for my work at home. Connection and processing speed matters a lot in completing my work. It will be awesome to get this for christmas present this year. Merry Christmas to tech blogger!

  14. I deserve a linksys router .. I have never won anything in my life :) everyone should win something atleast once right ?

  15. My current asus RT-N15U is too shitty. I could barely make full use of my fibre speed if I’m on wireless, 25Mbps max. LAN is not an option for me, router is too far away from my room, inconvenience for me to move around with my laptop too. Hopefully this router will bring me convenience, connectivity and speed! It would be an awesome gift for Christmas!

  16. I have a very poor internet connection at home as my router is in the living room and i am not able to really receive a fast connection as my room is way far at the end of my house which is quite far away from my current router, if i win this router, i will have a better strength in wifi.

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