Top 5 apps to help your business

If you own a small business, there are so many apps out there to help you work faster, smarter and better. As well as aiding productivity, there is also plenty on offer to help you to network, keep on top of your to do list, help with your payment system and, of course, improve security.

Here are the top five business apps that will make being an entrepreneur that little bit easier.


Audio Memos – This app is available on android and iOS. It turns your smartphone into an audio recorder that records anything you want. Whether you want to record a meeting, or voice notes to remind you of important info, this high-end recorder will let you send your recordings by email or, if you like, you can upload them to Dropbox.

Social Networking

Bizzabo – available on android and iOS, this app will help you in making new business contacts. If you are attending a conference and the organiser is using Bizzabo, simply load it to your phone to discover exciting new business contacts at the event. The rest is up to you.

Calendar/To Do

Checkmark – This app is a to-do-list that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Available for iOS, it can set up reminders based on time, based on contacts, or, and this is the really impressive part, even based on your location. So, if you have just finished a meeting and you happen to pass the dry cleaner, Checkmark will remind you to pick up your dry cleaning… amazing.


Square Register – how convenient would it be if you could turn your smartphone or tablet into a payment system? Well now you can with Square Register. Available on android and iOS, this free app lets you accept credit cards on your devices. Charges are very low at just 2.75% per swipe fee.


LastPass – available on Android and iOS, this app is the password saviour. Instead of going down the convenient but stupid one password for everything route, you can use this app to store your passwords as well as creating secure ones too.


You can get these apps from Google Play and iTunes for next to nothing, and you can see the benefits to your business immediately.

If you would like to develop your own business apps, it is much easier than you might first imagine. It’s not just the handset manufacturers who can develop their own apps, with a number of companies, such as global software developers, NashTech, offering mobile application development. Not only can your own app help you with your day-to-day business needs, it can also help to promote your company if other businesses pick it up.