Welcome to Practically Tech

Welcome to Practically Tech, the place where I get to share about the practical applications of technology in your business.

Armed with a much smaller budget, smaller businesses or SOHO (small office/home office) have always had a harder time in IT than larger enterprises. And while some small businesses may luck out with the hiring of an especially knowledgeable and competent IT staffer, business owners or more IT-savvy employees hired for non-IT roles often find themselves performing multiple roles to take up the slack.

Thankfully, the advent of BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and cloud computing have greatly increased the options available to smaller firms. Among others, this includes the use of devices such as tablets and smartphones, cloud solutions such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and online storage options like Google Drive. Even “prosumer” or higher-end versions of home Internet routers, network attached storage appliances and printers can often be effectively deployed in the office.

The challenge, as always, is cutting through the marketing fluff to get to the technologies that matter. Obviously, being able to practically apply them so as to help and not stymie existing business processes is equally important.

As someone who has always been fascinated with the use of IT at work (and at play), this is where I hope to make a contribution. I suppose having studied Information Technology at school helps, as with having worked for five years in the trenches of Singapore SMBs in various professional and managerial capacities. So trust me when I say I understand your pain.

I’ll be posting blogs on general IT tips, advice on the use of various BYOD or IT gear, interesting new technologies, as well as conversations with industry experts.

For now, feel free to give me feedback by sending me a tweet, an e-mail (by clicking on the e-mail icon below), or by leaving a comment in the Talkback section.