Evaluating the Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries

Sanyo "eneloop glitter" batteries

Eneloop LogoSanyo was kind enough to send me some of its eneloop NiMH Rechargeable Batteries to review. Those new to the eneloop may be puzzled about the fuss over what appears to be “old tech” NiHM (Nickel–metal hydride) batteries.

To quickly explain: the key difference has to do with how the eneloop is engineered with a very low self-discharge rate compared with standard NiMH batteries. Indeed, Sanyo claims that its new “eneloop glitter” batteries retains 75% of its energy even after three years of storage. Such a lengthy shelf live means that power is available when you need it, making it a perfect green replacement for Alkaline batteries.

In keeping with the expected longevity of your eneloop purchase, Sanyo has given the eneloop glitter a new design that is just gorgeous. (You can see photos of them below)

In the meantime, some key features of the new “eneloop glitter” batteries:

  • High recharging capability of approximately 1,500 times (50% more than the old eneloops)
  • A digital camera powered using eneloop batteries can take approximately 4.4 times more shots than conventional dry-cell batteries
  • Lower self-discharge rate (ready for use with 75% of its energy remaining even after three years of storage!)
  • eneloop batteries are pre-charged at the factory where they are manufactured in Japan by green power from photovoltaic generation
  • Comes in a variety of glittery colours

I plan to test out the eneloops by substituting them in some of my battery-powered gadgets that I use on a daily basis. In no particular order: Logitech Anywhere MX (2x AA), Apple Wireless Keyboard (3x AA) and Kensington Presenter Pro Remote with Green Laser and Memory (2x AAA).

Will update in a couple of months on how they fare.

Sanyo "eneloop glitter" batteries
Sanyo sent me 8pcs of the AA andn 4pcs of the AAA “eneloop glitter” batteries
Close up of the eneloop glitter
In keeping with their longevity, the eneloop glitter series looks really good!
Back of AAA eneloop glitter pack
Obligatory shot of the battery pack (back)