Who’s afraid of maintenance downtime?

StarHub Maintenance
Maintenance downtime took place without me even realizing it

Experienced a downtime with my Maxinfinity Internet connection.  Admittedly, I’ve forgotten about it and despite working till very late (or early) on Tuesday morning, the entire maintenance window passed me by without me realizing it.

Of course, this would only be possible because of the Peplink Balance gear that I use for Internet load-balancing. In a nutshell, I subscribe to two different Internet Service Provider. which serves to speed up my Internet access under normal circumstances. Moreover, any outage or maintenance downtime is limited to one ISP as the Peplink Balance router would seamlessly divert all data requests to the unaffected Internet connection.

You can read about my Review of the Peplink 380 Multi-WAN Router which I wrote last year, or my interview with Keith Chau on the topic of enhancing business continuity with the use of WAN load balancing.