Two of the most hilarious responses from Siri that I’ve seen

Siri declines to murder

Siri declines to murder

Siri: Make a call? Sure – to which wife?

Spotted this poor chap on Apple’s support forum desperately seeking help to resolve a problem of Siri thinking he has more than one wife.  Have attached text excerpt of his post for ease of reading. Screen capture below


Siri asked if I wanted it to remember that the contact listed as Rosie was my wife. So in the future I could simply refer to her as my wife and Siri would know who I am talking about. but then I changed the name on my wife’s profile. Since Siri could no longer find her, I had to tell it that the new profile was “my wife”. Now siri thinks I have two wives. When I say, “call wife”, Siri asks, “which wife”? Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with my wife and it draws odd looks from people when I’m in public. How do I cancel the association Siri made with the now non-existent contact as “my wife”?

Siri has no problem with polygamy

Do you have any more of your own to add?  You may want to check out the unofficial Siri Says blog in the meantime.

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