Bose Promotion at EpicCentre @ COMEX 2011

I receive many dozens of emails a day from PR firms about new products or promotions.  One that caught my attention is the below flyer featuring rather enticing price reductions for various speakers, headphones and earphones from Bose.  The offer is valid at the EpiCentre booth located at Level 2 Room 201-202 @ the COMEX 2011 that is currently ongoing in Singapore. My personal opinion is that Bose equipment does produce good sound, though at a price premium where its arguably possible to purchase better-sounding gear from competing brands. But if you can’t be bothered (or are too busy) checking out multiple brands, then Bose is probably as good a brand as any for you.

Moreover, it would appear that local Bose distributor ATLAS Singapore finally decided to slash the prices for the Bose headphones and earphones, which until recently were priced at rather ridiculously when compared with their list price in U.S. dollars. For example, the On-ear headphone was pegged at SG$335 just a few months ago, or an exchange rate of 1:1.8 (Current exchange rate is 1:1.2).  If I recall correctly, a 1:1.8 USD to SGD exchange rate has not been seen since 5-6 years ago when I first started freelance writing for the now CBS TechRepublic.

Anyway, I think the Bose earphones and headphones are rather attractively priced now. The speakers and docks still appear to be priced using a fairyland conversation rate of US$1 to SG$1.80 however, which puts them into a price range that is (in my opinion) akin to a ripoff.

Bose Promotions at EpicCentre @ COMEX 2011
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