Sony introduces the new VAIO Z Series in Singapore

Sony Vaio Z Launch Event


Sony today announced the launch of its new Sony VAIO Z Series laptop, a high-end machine weighing a mere 1.165kg with an extraordinary slim profile of 16.65mm. What makes the new VAIO Z unique is its incorporation of a standard 2nd Gen Intel Core i7 processor and 3rd Gen SSD RAID – and packing everything into a single laptop lighter than previous VAIO Z models.

Sony has opted to do away with its dual-GPU implementation, and have instead come up with a specially designed Power Media Dock docking station that customers can purchase. It comes with a built-in AMD Radeon HD 6650M to greatly bolster the capabilities of the Intel HD Graphics 3000 found in the VAIO Z.

  • Powerful Processor: Intel Core™ i7-2620M 2.70GHz (with Turbo Boost up to 3.40GHz)
  • Built-in battery yields 6.5 hours usage
  • Power Media Dock connected via 10 Gbps ‘Light Peak’ architecture for accelerated graphics and additional expansion ports
  • Ability to double battery life to 13 hours by attaching an optional Sheet Battery

In addition, here’s what I found out from the event

  • The Sheet Battery can be charged separately via a small adapter
  • When connected to a VAIO Z, the Sheet Battery discharges first, followed by the laptop’s built-in battery. When charging with Sheet Battery connected, the laptop’s battery is charged first, followed by the Sheet Battery.
  • Power Media Dock supports HDMI out (1920×1080) and DVI out (1900×1200). An additional display (VGA or HDMI) can be connected directly to the VAIO Z when docked, allowing for a total of three external displays simultaneously. That’s four displays in total if you count the VAIO’s screen – close to matching what I’m currently using.
  • Quick Boot and dual SSD boots up Windows 7 Professional in 14 seconds flat after pressing the power button.
  • The keyboard is back-lit. According to Sony, “an inorganic silicon EL material” is used for that.
  • The pitch of the keyboard has been reduced to accommodate the slim profile. It doesn’t look too bad, though I’ll have to review one before I can give my final verdict on that.

No pricing information is available at this point, though you can probably expect it to be tiered similar to the older Z Series – minus the low-end HDD models since I don’t see how the new Z can use anything other than an the custom-built SSD that it currently incorporates. The new VAIO Z Series will be available in Singapore from end-July 2011.

The new Sony Vaio Z
The new Sony Vaio Z with sheet battery (partially seen) behind
The new Sony Vaio Z
Its about the thickness of my BlackBerry Torch smartphone

More photos (and my comments) after the jump.

The new Sony Vaio Z
New Sony VAIO Z stacked on top of my Z116
The new Sony Vaio Z
Note how the new Sony VAIO Z is slightly longer and wider than my Z116
The new Sony Vaio Z
The docking station
The new Sony Vaio Z
Two fans are used to cool the new Sony VAIO Z
The new Sony Vaio Z
Note the texture of the touch pad and the position of the fingerprint scanner

2 thoughts on “Sony introduces the new VAIO Z Series in Singapore

  1. I bought the newest Z228 almost two weeks ago, maybe I am picky as it is a great machine but the devil is in the detail.

    The built in speakers are so bad the sound is not clear and the speakers resonate with high notes. The startup tune sounds like you are in a tin can. The volume in general is not loud anyway but thats ok. I have had the laptop changed and the new device has the same issues.

    The advise from the shop: Dont turn the volume to max.
    The advise from Sony Care: This is the spec of the speakers so there is nothing we can do.

    For a devixce that costs near 4000 singapore dollars one would expect a top class product but am afraid this might start some brand damage as the sound from the in-built speakers is weak and the service is limited to an excuse.


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