The smartphones in my house

Singapore has a rather high mobile phone penetration rate of 137.4% as of Dec 2009.  Of course, this is nothing compared to places such as the UAE, which stands at 193.5 percent, followed by Saudi Arabia with a rate of 165.5 percent.  Well, I was reminded of the statistics again a couple of weeks ago, and so I decided on impulse to do a count of the number of smartphones lying around in my house and realized… that I beat the national average by a wide margin.

I decided to do a roll call and assembled the smartphones for a family portrait.  From left (Top row): HTC Tilt2, BlackBerry Curve. (Bottom row): BlackBerry Bold 9000, Apple iPhone 3GS, Prototype Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Wave S8500.

Absent with apologies: My wife’s BlackBerry Bold 9000 and Nokia E65, as well as an iMate Ultimate which I gave away last month.

Final tally of the mobile phone penetration in my house at the time the photo was taken: 400%.

Anyway, the prototype Samsung Galaxy S has since been returned to Samsung Singapore; though an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G has since been added to the lineup…

Interesting Note: With the exception on the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve, all the phones in the photo runs on different operating systems (BlackBerry OS, Android, Apple iOS, Samsung’s Bada, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile)

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  1. first off .. nice looking site :)

    and wow, wat a line up .. haha so diversified

    its amazimg how you cant find a dumbphone these days ..

    and hmmm, why no iphone 4?

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