My workstation

My Desktop

If you’ve ever wondered how my workstation looks like, above is a photo of my desktop taken a few months ago. As you can see, I am a
firm believer on how a multi-monitor setup can increase productivity; you can read Increase Your Productivity with an Additional Monitor for more about what I have to say on this topic. And yes, Bill Gates is also known to use three monitors.

There are other hardware that makes up my workstation, though not everything can be seen here – I’ve listed them below instead.

And anchoring the entire workstation would be my (almost) two-years-old Sony Z series VGN-Z16GN which is 13.1″ @ 1600 x 900 resolution that has been revved up with a Samsung PB22-J MLC 128GB solid state drive (SSD). (Review) Sony Singapore declined to assist or offer advice on swapping out the pre-installed 4,200rpm HDD, I did it myself.

(Upgrading the HDD involves dismantling part of the laptop) Check out the harrowing installation process with photos here.

Moving on, the network side of things are powered by the following hardware:

At the moment, my Internet service is a 30Mbps cable broadband (2Mbps up) with 6Mbps ADSL (512Kbps up) load-balanced via the Peplink Balance 380. Algorithm used is weighted balance for HTTP (10/3 in favor of cable), persistence for HTTPS and priority to cable for all other traffic.

Finally, for music:

I’ll try to keep this page up-to-date.