Books that I’ve read recently

BooksI read a lot of fiction.  Its been my pastime since I was encouraged to read when young; others watch TV or cable for relaxation – I just read.  Strange for a tech guy? Then again, perhaps not, since my favorite genre of books is science fiction, though I do read the occasional thriller and fantasy title.

The iPod Touch (32GB) that I bought late last year was the catalyst for me to read even more, as I find myself buying ever more e-books from Amazon’s Kindle store. I previously purchased my fix books from Mobipocket and then Fictionwise – but lets just say that their selection just doesn’t cut it where my needs are concerned.  Today, my main e-book reader is an iPhone 3GS (32GB), which I hope will eventually be replaced by an iPad once it becomes available in Singapore.

For the publishers out there, no, I’ve not read one (fiction) physical book in the last few years.  The titles below represent books that I’ve read since November 2010, and I estimate that they form only about one third to a quarter of all the ebooks that I’ve ever read.

Note that there are titles that I liked a lot more than others, and a few that I’ll never recommend to anyone (Thankfully, there are few books in this category). Maybe I’ll get around to sorting the list one day, or writing some reviews.

Here goes for now, in no particular order: (All ebooks purchased from Amazon Kindle unless otherwise noted)

  • Mission of Honor by David Weber (WebSubscription EBooks)
  • The Lost Fleet: Victorious by Jack Campbell (Mobipocket)
  • Helfort’s War Book 1: The Battle at the Moons of Hell
  • Helfort’s War Book 2: The Battle of the Hammer Worlds
  • Helfort’s War Book 3: The Battle of Devastation Reef
  • Axis by Robert Charles Wilson
  • Brainbox by Christian Cantrell
  • Human Legacy Project by Christian Centrell
  • Containment by Christian Cantrell
  • The List by J.A. Konrath
  • Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston
  • The Clone Alliance by Steven L. Kent
  • The Clone Betrayal by Steven L. Kent
  • The Clone Elite by Steven L. Kent
  • The Clone Republic by Steven L. Kent
  • Rogue Clone by Steven L. Kent
  • Death’s Head: Day of the Damned by David Gunn
  • A Mighty Fortress by David Weber
  • The Machinery of Light by David J. Williams
  • Old Twentieth by Joe Haldeman
  • Seeker by Jack McDevitt
  • Singularity Sky by Charles Stross
  • Supervirus by Andrew W. Mitchell
  • The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton
  • The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton
  • Earth Strike by Ian Douglas
  • Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton
  • House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds
  • Without Warning by John Birmingham
  • Dominant Species by Michael E. Marks


  • Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

PS: I have another 10 ebooks that I’ve purchased but not yet read.  I guess I’ll have to update this list again then.