Increasing the range of my wireless Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000

I did a recent readjustment of my desktop so that my three monitors can be arranged into a usable position.  Unfortunately, that meant placing my laptop on a side-table, which is a tad further away from the position where I typically use my Microsoft wireless mouse.  However, this resulted in intermittent skipping of the cursor, which goes away when I move the mouse nearer to the nano transceiver.  (This never happens when used next to my laptop)

Good thing I remembered this little USB extension gadget I had lying around, which allowed me to do a… mouse extension.  I honestly cannot remember which Logitech product it came with, but it seems to work well enough with the Microsoft transceiver so far.  I’ll take some photos of my desktop and post them the next time round.

Anyway, time to go back to writing!

Mouse Extension