So who do I write for?

As an independent tech writer, I find it a little hard to explain what I do at times.  Well, not in one line anyway.  The result is that I invariably end up describing myself as a lecturer for the sake of simplicity.  Of course, I do teach a few days per week at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore, and derives joy in that.  I actually spend many more hours per week doing writing, however.

This page contains a list of publications and websites that I currently contribute to, and should shed some light as to what I do.  Publicists are welcome to contact me if they have a relevant product to review, story pitch or news.

I’ll try to keep this page updated.

IT Business Edge SMB Tech

I write the SMB Tech blog over at IT Business Edge.  In a nutshell, IT Business Edge is a site targeted towards IT executives and decision makers to provide them with a strategic overview of running IT.  Or to quote from the About IT Business Edge page, it provides “a service that combines the strength of advanced online search techniques with the critical thinking of experienced industry journalists.”

For sure, you won’t find regurgitated reports there but seasoned journalists critically analyzing the latest enterprise IT developments and giving their take on them.  In fact, many of my colleagues there have years of experience numbering in the double-digits either practicing, or reporting IT.  It’s a worthy site to bookmark.  Alternatively, you can subscribe to the free newsletters here. belongs to a network of sites including CTO Edge, Data Center Edge, Network Security Edge, and Unified Communications Edge.


I am the editor for FierceCIO:TechWatch, a twice weekly IT news update covering topics on security, hardware and storage news, networking, storage, and more.  The aim here is to keep readers updated on key developments and news pertaining to IT.  So if you are a busy executive, but want to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the enterprise, then this is the right place to visit.

The TechWatch e-mail newsletter is sent out twice weekly to over 29,500 active IT management professionals, and comes under the Enterprise IT vertical of publisher FierceMarkets.  FierceMarkets is a leader in B2B e-media, and also has many other publications in the life sciences, healthcare, finance and telecom industries, totalling well over 900,000 registered newsletter subscribers.


Have started working on on business and general IT-related news since September 2011.  You can find a list of my articles here.

CBS TechRepublic

CBS TechRepublic caters to IT professionals, and was the very first site I started writing for back in 2007.  I wrote for the (defunct) IT News Digest blog edited by Sonja Thompson then.  The folks there are really wonderful people, and they do an excellent job in helping its vibrant community of IT professionals network and learn.  At the moment, I continue to contribute to its Network Administrator blog and Product Spotlight blog, and recently, its new Smartphones blog.


DailyTech is a leading online magazine dedicated to covering up to the minute CE, PC and information technology news.  Readers lean towards the well-educated and the techie crowd.

Tech at Play

Tech at Play is a technology blog that is edited and maintained by me since 2006.

The TechBlogger

You are currently at The TechBlogger, and you can find out more about the rationale behind the creation of this blog from the About page.

In addition, I also contribute sporadically to, AsiaOne, ZDNet Asia, as well as various IT trade publications locally and in the region.