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The chink in the Docker armour

Just two years ago, a start-up known as dotCloud was barely keeping afloat in the highly competitive and dynamic enterprise space. Today, dotCloud, now known as Docker, is making waves in the virtualization space with high profile partnerships including Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware.

Unique challenges facing educational institutions–and the cloud proposition

By Eugenio Ferrante, General Manager, Cross-Platform Applications, Asia-Pacific, Parallels Innovative educational institutions such as schools and universities are similar to businesses in that they both continue to require better and more effective ways to implement

12 tips to survive a hackathon

Have you signed up for a hackathon, or planning to? You know, those large gatherings where folks meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Believers swear that hackathons drive innovation, spur creativity, drive teamwork,

Three ways to use the 4G dual SIM feature of the Redmi 2 smartphone

I attended the launch of the Redmi 2 smartphone in Singapore a couple of weeks back, and was able to test out a review unit of the 4.7-inch smartphone before it was commercially available

Why digital printing is the future

It is hardly a secret that digital print production is steadily overtaking traditional methods such as offset lithography printing. The growth is accelerating in favor of digital printing too, as rapid product development cycles

Check out Singtel’s UnexpecTech deals for rewards

If you’re like me, you don’t enjoy squeezing through the massive crowds at the regular IT shows held in Singapore. Well, it looks like Singtel is running a promotion to help folks here to

Five tips on printing digitally onto fabrics

Getting the perfect print onto a piece of fabric can be tricky and is often both an art and a science. Using the right ink, accounting for possible shrinkage of polyester fabric, applying an

How technology is quietly revolutionizing the label printing industry

If there were one industry that is not at all affected by the transition away from the use of paper in print media and in the office, then it would surely be in the

How to print a t-shirt in 30 minutes

Is it possible to print a T-shirt in less than 30 minutes from start to finish? To find the answer, I visited Singapore-based Custom Top Pte Ltd to catch a demonstration from the young,

Getting the apps to customers easily, quickly and flexibly

By Sunny Tan, AVP, StarHub’s Enterprise Solutions For telecom operators rolling out cloud services, one obvious challenge is getting the apps out to customers easily, quickly and flexibly. Try doing it manually, or through multiple

What they didn’t tell you about BYOD

One thing about having worked as an IT professional before making the switch to full-time writing and blogging is the additional insights that it gave me. For one, I am familiar with how the

Why purchasing business-grade laptops, PCs is the way forward

Are you looking to purchase a new laptop or PC, but are confused by the plethora of choices available? And while it may be obvious why some devices are so much more expensive than