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Penta Security on securing the autonomous vehicle

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are all the rage these days. In the Asia region, an artificial town in South Korea named K-City was opened in November to test self-driving cars. We speak to Jaeson Yoo, the chief security evangelist at Penta about securing the autonomous vehicle.

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How Huawei engineered its smartphones to stay fast

A perennial problem of smartphones is their tendency to slow down over time. This problem was noticed by engineers working at smartphone maker Huawei, who studied the problem and engineered a solution to help keep smartphones running smoothly even after extended use.

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Not all DDoS attacks are the same

You have heard all about DDoS, or distributed denial-of-service attacks. While a frequently-used term, it is hardly a singular form of attack as suggested by its name. Also, smaller organizations should know that they are not always defenseless against them.

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